Rhode Island Lease Termination Letter | 30-Day Notice

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The Rhode Island Lease Termination Letter | 30-Day Notice although it’s a very simple document to navigate, it is a legal document that must be served landlord to tenant or visa versa, to provide the 30 day notice that every rental agreement requires to vacate. This simple document must be completed and sent or delivered in order to be in compliance with your lease. When you’re prepared to vacate the premises where you reside, or if you’re a landlord who would like to take possession and would like to provide your tenants with notice to vacate, this is the legal document to use.

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the document – Select the appropriate box, I am your landlord or I am your Tenant- check the box

  • Enter the date the notice is being completed in dd/.mm/yyyy format
  • Enter the date to vacate

Step 2 – Provide and Address for the Return of Your Security Deposit (if you’re a tenant)

  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Step 3 – Arrange for a Walk Through

  • Once notice has been served, landlord and tenant should arrange for a walk through of the premises after the property has been vacated
  • Tenant should then arrange for a turn off date for utilities.
  • If the landlord would prefer to have the utilities to be changed back into your name, let the tenant know or call the utility company and makes those arrangements

Step 4 – Signature –

  • Whichever party will be serving notice to vacate must provide their signature
  • Enter printed name