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Virginia Sublease Agreement Template

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Virginia Sublease Agreement Template

Updated August 08, 2023

A Virginia sublease agreement is a rental contract in which a current tenant (sub-lessor) and a new sub-tenant (sub-lessee) arrange for a sublet. A sublet arrangement typically involves a tenant who is renting a residential property, in turn, subletting said property to another tenant. Entering a sublease comes with a fair share of responsibility for the sub-lessor. After all, the sub-lessor must assume the obligations of a landlord as it relates to the sub-lessee; the sub-lessor will be required to collect rent from the sub-lessee and maintain the property’s well-being. At the same time, the sub-lessor is not released from their tenant duties with relation to the property owner and both parties’ master lease agreement. Suppose the sub-lessee damages the property or misses a rent payment, the property owner/manager will expect the sub-lessor to rectify the situation. The benefit in subletting resides in the financial relief a reliable sub-lessee provides. As for the sub-lessee, the advantage lies in residing on a property they may not necessarily be qualified for otherwise.

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