Washington Lease Termination Letter Form | 20-Day Notice

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Updated August 08, 2022

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A Washington Lease Termination Letter Form (20-Day Notice) is a legal document, designed to provide notice of the coming termination of a tenancy. The document complies the Washington state law, providing twenty (20) days’ notice to the tenants to vacate the premises while offering a warning of eviction if they do not vacate by the stated date.

LawsRCWA 59.18.200

How To Write

Step 1 – Download the document and enter the name(s) of the Tenant(s) at the top of the page

Step 2 – Location of Property

  • Landlord must enter the address of the property to be vacated

Step 3 – Termination Date

  • Landlord must enter the date of the last day of the rental period as the termination date. The notice must provide at least 20 days notice and must be delivered in a timely fashion to provide fair timing for the tenant(s) to vacate properly.

Step 4 – Date of Notification

  • Landlord must enter the date of the preparation of the document

Step 5 – Signature

  • Enter the signature of the landlord or their agent
  • Enter the printed name of the landlord or agent
  • Landlord or agent must provide their address
  • The document must be delivered to the tenant(s) address as stated within the initial document and the tenant(s) must be made aware of it’s existence as soon as possible