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Bathroom Cleaning Sign-in/out Sheet Template

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Bathroom Cleaning Sign-in/out Sheet Template

Updated June 03, 2022

A bathroom cleaning sign-in/out sheet is a form that can be used to document periodic cleaning activity. There are five (5) fillable spaces in which you can record the name of the individual cleaning, the date, the amount of time the individual has spent on their particular cleaning duty (time in/time out), and the individual’s initials. Instructions on how to use the form are available below.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Form

The bathroom cleaning sign-in/out sheet is available for download in the following formats: PDF, ODT, and Word.

Step 2 – Using the Form

The individual should begin by writing down their name in the first available space. Following that, they will need to record the date and their time in (time they began their cleaning duty). Once their cleaning duty is complete, the individual should document their time out and provide their initials.

Step 3 – Presenting the Form

You may find if most efficient to place this form on a clipboard or other secure surface and keep it in an area where staff members can find it easily. The individual cleaning should be able to access the form throughout their shift. You may also benefit from putting the form in a plastic sheet protector to keep it safe from water or cleaning products which could damage the form.