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Two-Week Employee Sign-in Sheet Template

The two-week employee sign-in sheet is used to document the hours of multiple employees over a two week period. This form can be an extremely useful tool for any organization that operates without the use of an electronic or physical clocking system. With this particular sign-in sheet, each employee will be able to manage their own working hours on a daily basis before a supervisor or manager reviews the information and provides their signature to attest to the hours being accurate.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Form

Start by downloading the sign-in sheet in your preferred file format; we have made this form available in PDF, ODT, and Word formats.

Step 2 – Initial Information

In the first available field (seen highlighted in yellow below), write down the month for which the hours are being recorded. You may distinguish two separate overlapping months by placing a slash between each month (e.g. February/March).

Step 3 – Date the Form 

Next, write the numeric date next to each abbreviated weekday.

Step 4 – Employee Information

The employee should specify their name in the far left column. However, if you are already aware of who will be working on a particular day, as is often the case, you may want to record the employee names prior to arrival which will result in a more efficient sign-in process.

Step 5 – Record Employee Hours

Have the employee record their hours in the rows available below the abbreviated weekdays. This is a two-part process that begins with the employee signing-in when their shift commences and signing-out once it has finished. You may benefit from recording the hours using the 24-hour clock system as this method may make it easier to tally the total hours worked once the employee has clocked out. The following is an example of how the hours can be recorded: 7:30 – 3:30, or 7:30 – 15:30.

Step 6 – Verify Employee Hours

After the employee has finished their shift, a supervisor/manager will need to review the employee’s hours before providing their initials in the space next to the hours recorded. By having a supervisor/manager initial the form, you will be able to verify that the hours have indeed been recorded accurately.

Step 7 – Presenting the Form

It is highly recommended that the form be placed in a clear plastic sheet protector to ensure that it stays safe from water or any other potential hazard. Most situations will permit the form to be kept on a clipboard or inside of a binder/folder and placed in an area where employees can find it easily. You may want to print multiple copies of the form and keep them organized directly behind the form which is in circulation.