Simple Real Estate Open House Sign-in Sheet

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Updated August 03, 2022

A simple open house sign-in sheet allows an owner of a property, or a real estate agent, to gather the basic contact information of those attending the open house. The benefit of this form is that it may be completed quickly by the attendees. The Contact Information requested will center on a direct means of Contact via a Phone Number and Email Address.

What is an Open House?

Many ask what does an open house mean? Well, it means just that, the house is open to the public for anyone searching the market to purchase a house. It gives a potential buyer the ability to get a real sense for what it would be like to live in a particular house. Pictures can only go so far but by going into a house, a buyer can smell, touch and feel out the house for things they like and dislike. Often showing a house to every single interested buyer can be a hassle and time-consuming. Sellers want their house to sell quickly and get their “asking price” without having to bring the price down if the house stays on the market too long. If a house is priced right and in high demand, a seller can often find a buyer quickly by having an open house.

There are all sorts of ways to make your house look good for potential buyers. Some brokers like to stage a house with furniture as to not leave an empty house to the buyer’s imagination. Most brokers use MLS and Zillow to advertise their open house online. Using a sign in front of the property and similar methods can help reach more people. It’s always recommended to hire a real estate agent when selling a home.

Conducting an Open House

1. Keep The House Spotless

real estate agent showing house to couple

The first thing anyone ever notices when walking into a property is the cleanliness of its character. If a buyer sees a dirty property, they will only assume that the current seller didn’t take very good care of the property which may mean there are other hidden problems. Whether the house is a for sale by owner (FSBO) or if a broker is handling the open house, having a clean house during an open house is a must to get top dollar on the sale.

2. Be Courteous to Potential Buyers

couple taking tour of home

Just like when shopping at a clothing store, it’s nice to be warmly welcomed but afterward let the customer shop freely. There is nothing more dissatisfying than someone trying to nag and sell a product. After giving a big warm welcome at the door, allow potential buyers to freely roam the house as if it were theirs. If the open house goes smoothly, it’s always a possibility that the broker may pick up more listings from people who want to sell their house. Make sure to have a brochure of the house with all the information and don’t forget to include your business card.

3. Area of Contact

real estate agent and potential buyer reviewing paperwork

A great way to attract interest is to have a common area of contact. A good place to have this area is in the kitchen. People asking questions is a good thing, more questions means more interest. No buyer wants to feel afraid of asking questions, as many people are afraid of asking stupid questions. Food and drink always attract and bring people together. It doesn’t take much effort and it can be inexpensive to do. A tray of finger snacks, chips and dip, soda and water can go a long way. After potential buyers roam the house, they will know where to find you and it will also make the experience much more comfortable.

4. Sign-in Sheet

closeup of person filling out open house sign-in sheet

Most would think to have potential buyers sign the Open House Sign-in Sheet as they first walk through the door, however, this should be avoided. Doing so right as the potential buyer enters the house is seen as a hassle. Those that are excited about the house will joyfully and willingly inscribe their contact information on the sign-in sheet as they are leaving if interested in the house. Also when calling or emailing these potential buyers back, it’s good to know that they will be happy to hear from you.

How to Write

The option is really up to the real estate agent. Making the open house sign-in sheet visible at the home’s entryway is ideal. Potential buyers will then see it twice, once when they enter and also when they exit upon leaving.

All the agent has to do is enter the property address and the day’s date. Leave the rest to the potential buyers. They will need to enter their Name, Phone, and Email as seen in the image below.

sample open house sign in sheet