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Real Estate Open House Sign-in Sheet

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Real Estate Open House Sign-in Sheet

Updated October 31, 2022

A real estate open house sign-in sheet is used when selling a piece of real estate to collect the contact information of prospective buyers, specifically their email addresses and telephone numbers. Generally, it is placed at the entrance of a home to be filled in at the beginning of a visit.

In addition to collecting contact info, the open house sign-in sheet allows the agent or owner to ask questions such as:

  • Has the individual been approved by a lender?
  • What are the buyer’s real estate needs? (i.e. looking to buy immediately, just looking, etc.)
  • What types of property is the buyer interested in? (condominium, home, etc.)

The agent or owner of the property will then use the information from the open house to generate leads, and hopefully, be able to have the house sold to a prospective buyer.

By Type (3)

Simple VersionName, E-Mail, and Phone Number.

Full-Contact Version – Name, E-Mail, Phone Number, and Residential Address.

Full Contact with Buyer’s Needs VersionFull Contact Information along with their Real Estate Needs (e.g. looking to purchase?, pre-approved?, etc.).


How to Write

Step 1 – Obtain the Correct Form

The Open House Sign-In form is accessible as a PDF, ODT, or Word file by selecting one of the links presented in this paragraph or underneath the document image. Select the file type you prefer to use.

Step 2 – Instructions for the Owner/Landlord Agent

If you are the Owner/Landlord/Agent having the Open House, you must fill in the top portion of this page. You may enter this information using the appropriate program for the file type you have downloaded or printing it then filling this area out. Generally, it is considered a good idea to avoid filling this out by hand. If you do not have the appropriate program to fill your area of the form out, you may also use a typewriter. Proceed to the next step if you are the Owner/Landlord/Agent. If you are a Prospective Tenant proceed to “8 – Prospective Tenant/Buyer Information.”

Step 3 – Identifying Yourself

To begin, enter the Name of the Company you represent on the blank space following the word “Company.”

Then, on the blank space following the word “Name,” enter your Full Name. If the clients attending know you by a nickname, enter this nickname in parentheses after your Full Name.

Step 4 – Providing Your Contact Information

Locate the second line under the heading “Owner’s/Agent’s Info.” The first blank space, labeled “Phone,” will require the Phone Number you wish prospective clients to use if contacting you regarding this open house.

The second blank space, labeled “Email,” will require the E-mail Address you wish clients, from this Open House, to use when they contact you.

Step 5 – The Property Information

Locate the heading “Property Info.” The information reported here must appear on the top of each page. On the blank line labeled “Address,” report the Complete Address of the Property being shown.

Report the Date this Open House is occurring in the space designated as “Date.”

Step 6 – Cost of Property

On the blank line following the term “Asking Price,” report the amount of money a prospective client will need to pay in order to obtain the Property being shown.

Step 7 – For the Set Up

Once this information is filled in, estimate the number of copies you will need for each page. Print this at your discretion (depending on your needs) then prominently display this paperwork near the entrance to the Open House Property. Gather this paperwork after the Open House. This will conclude the Owner/Agent’s part of this form.

Step 8 – Specific Prospective Buyer Information

If you are presented with a detailed Sign-In Sheet, then you will need to enter some basic information along with some background information. To start, locate the heading “Open House Sign-In,” then using the appropriately labeled spaces, enter your Full “Name,” “Phone” Number, and “Email” Address.

The second line in this section has a space labeled “Address.” Enter the Building Number and Street of the Address where you expect information about this open house to be mailed to. The next three blank spaces will be reserved so that you may report the “City,” “State,” and “Zip Code” of such an Address.

There will be several questions to answer. The first will require you check a box to indicate what your current Real Estate Needs are. Check the first box if you are seeking to make an immediate purchase. Select the second box if you intend to purchase a Property within the next year. If you are simply reviewing the market to see what’s out there, select the third checkbox. If you are actually a Seller, choose the fourth checkbox.

The second question requires a general definition to your financial status. If you have been pre-approved for a loan, then mark the “Yes” box. If not, mark the “No” box.

The final question will attempt to ascertain your preferences. Choose the first checkbox, if you are interested in Single Family Homes. If you are interested in Condos, then choose the second checkbox. If you are interested in Newly Constructed Properties, then select the third checkbox. You may select more than one of these answers.

Step 9 – Prospective Buyer Full Contact Information

If you are presented with a slightly detailed Sign-In Sheet, then all of your information will go into one box.
The first line will require Contact Information that will result in fairly immediate Contact. Enter your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address in the appropriately labeled spaces on the first line of a box.

On the second line of a box, report the Building Number and Street of your Address in the blank space following the word “Address.” Then, report the “City” where the reported Address is located on the second blank space. The State where the City is located must be entered in the space labeled “State.” Finally, report the Zip Code where the Address is located on the blank space labeled “Zip.”

Step 10 – Basic Contact Information for Prospective Buyer

If you are presented with a basic Sign-In Sheet, you will only need to provide some immediate Contact Information. You will have one row and three columns for this purpose. Enter your Name in the first column, your Phone Number in the second column, and your Email Address in the third column. Make sure the Phone Number and Email you are reporting are well maintained.