Name and Address Real Estate Open House Sign-in Sheet

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Updated June 03, 2022

A full contact information open house sign-in sheet should be used when the agent showing a property during an open house wishes to gather a roster of the individuals attending along with some basic information. The basic information requested should be considered Contact Information as the attendee will need to fill in his or her Name, Phone Number, Email, and Address giving the Agent several choices to choose from if they need to Contact this individual in the future regarding the Property Showing.

How to Write

Step 1 – Obtain the Sign-In Sheet

If you are an Owner or Agent showing a property, follow these steps. If you are a Tenant, skip to “4 – Basic Sign-In Information At An Open House.” Locate the three buttons on the right labeled “PDF,” “ODT,” and “Word.” Each one refers to the file type the Sign-In Sheet on this page is available in. Select one of these buttons and download the document to your machine. If you are a Tenant, ignore this area and proceed from “4 – Basic Sign-In Information At An Open House.”

Step 2 – Identifying the Open House

Locate the heading “Open House Sign-In.” On the spaces labeled “Property Address” and “Date” report the Complete Address of the Open House Property and the Date the Open House is occurring on.

Step 3 – Before the Open House

Print as many copies of this document that you may need. Make sure those visiting the Property during the Open House provide the information requested in this paperwork. Place copies of the Sign-In Sheet on the Property or leave with the Greeter. If possible, keep it simple as you will need to collect all the copies at the end of the Open House.

Step 4 – Basic Sign-In Information At An Open House

If you are presented with a Basic Sign-In sheet, you will need to report some minimal information regarding your Identity, Contact Information, and Location. Start by entering your Full Name on the first blank space. Then on the second blank space, report a Phone Number where you may be easily reached. Finally, enter a well maintained and reliable E-mail Address that may be used to contact you on the third blank space.

On the next line, report your Street Address on the “Address” line. Then report your City, State, and Zip Code on the spaces labeled “City,” “State,” and “Zip Code.”