Safety Meeting Sign-in Sheet Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A safety meeting sign-in sheet is a form that is used to record the attendance of a safety meeting and provide proof that those in attendance are fully aware of all information discussed during said meeting. Without implementing this document, an organization may be liable in the event of an injury to an employee or customer as the guilty party may claim to be unaware of any and/or all safety procedures.

Due to the simplicity of the form’s fundamental purpose, the contact information of the parties involved won’t be required. All that will be necessary is the printed name and signature of each individual in attendance.

How to Write

Step 1- Download the Form

You can download the sign-in sheet in the following file formats: PDF, ODT, Word. Choose the format that you prefer and print it before proceeding.

Step 2 – Meeting Information

Begin by supplying some basic information regarding the safety meeting; specify the meeting topic, meeting date and location, and the name of the trainer.

Ste 3 – Names and Signatures

Upon arrival, each person in attendance will need to print their name in the left column of the sign-in sheet. Once the meeting has finished, they must supply their signature in the right column adjacent to their name. This step will allow you to officially document the names of those who were in attendance for the entirety of the meeting.

Step 3 – Presenting the Form

The form should be presented at the start of the safety meeting in order to record the names of each person in attendance. It should then be presented once again after the meeting has finished so that the signatures of the attendees can be acquired. Depending on the number of people expected at the safety meeting, you may find it best to print multiple copies of the form to ensure that each person will have a space to supply their name and signature.