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Volunteer Sign-in Sheet Template

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Volunteer Sign-in Sheet Template

Updated June 03, 2022

A volunteer sign-in sheet is a form used to help organize an event where volunteers will be arriving periodically throughout the day. This form will allow you to keep track of the job and location of any volunteer so that you will be able to contact them with updates or further instructions. Forms of this variety are particularly useful, if not recommended, for larger events.

The event details including organization and event name, date and location will all be required beforehand. Each volunteer’s personal information will be collected throughout the event for the purpose of remaining organized.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Form

There are multiple file types that this sign-in sheet may be downloaded in; PDF, ODT, and Word. Select the link which matches your format of choice to download the form.

Step 2 – Event Details

Start by specifying the event details within the empty fields located at the top of the sign-in sheet. First, write down the name of the organization as well as the name of the event. Just below that, write the date and location where the event is being held.

Step 3 – Volunteer Information

The empty columns of the sign-in sheet are where the volunteer’s information needs to be supplied. When the volunteer arrives, have them supply their name, job activity, and the time their appointed duty is to begin.

Step 4 – Contact Details

Next, you should ask the volunteer to supply their contact details. Obtaining this personal information is not required, though doing so will allow you to follow up with the volunteer after the event has taken place. In the remaining columns, ask the volunteer to supply their address, phone number, and email address.

Step 5 – Presenting the Form

This form should be presented at the sign-in table or whichever location a volunteer will need to visit before receiving their appointed duty. It’s recommended that the form be placed on a clipboard or inside of a folder to keep the volunteers’ information safe; you may need to review their contact details when seeking out volunteers for a future event. Depending on the number of expected individuals, you should print as many copies as required and keep them neatly organized behind the presented sign-in sheet.