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VIN Verification Form

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VIN Verification Form

Updated May 16, 2024

A VIN verification form is required for out-of-state motor vehicles when registering in applicable States (see below). A VIN, or “Vehicle Identification Number,” acts as the serial number for the purpose of certifying that a car has not been stolen upon registration. Depending on the State, this form is either filled in as an oath from the registrant or it is signed and verified by an approved third (3rd) party.

Required States


How to Write

Step 1 – It is best to use the State provided forms, although most DMV offices will allow for the standard template to be used. If you would like to use our standard template, download the form in either PDF, Microsoft Word, or Open Document Text.

Step 2 – The form is to be completed and signed by an authorized third (3rd) party before being returned to the owner. The third (3rd) party individual must begin by entering the State in which the vehicle is registered.

Step 3 – Next, the third (3rd) party must specify the following details in the spaces provided:

  • Current date
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Step 4 – Finally, the third (3rd) party must provide their signature, printed name, and describe their position/title.