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New Jersey Self-Proving Affidavit Form

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New Jersey Self-Proving Affidavit Form

Updated July 18, 2023

A New Jersey self-proving affidavit form is a form that proves the validity of a last will and testament to a probate court. This means that, after the testator (creator of will) dies, probate will deem the will valid without requiring the witnesses (individuals that observed the execution of the will) to appear in court to attest to the legitimacy of the document. This can speed up the probate process immensely so that the named beneficiaries of the will can claim the assets bequeathed unto them by the testator. Furthermore, a self-proving affidavit may make it harder for a beneficiary, or anyone else, to challenge the authenticity of the will and the instructions therein. To make a will “self-proved, the testator and the two (2) witnesses must appear before a notary public and sign the affidavit form; the notary public will complete the rest.


  • Statute§ 3B:3-4
  • Signing Requirements – Two (2) witnesses and a notary public.