Delaware Bill of Sale Forms

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The Delaware Bill of Sale Forms are legal documents that will prove the sale, purchase, and transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle, vessel, or gun/firearm or even personal items from an air conditioner or puppies to livestock. Generally, the transaction is complete on the day of sale which would require that all monetary transactions or trades, must be completed prior to the transfer of ownership on the date and not at a future time. Some documents will require witness and/or notarization.

Boat Bill of Sale – To be used for the purpose of sale, purchase and ownership transference.

Firearm Bill of Sale – Used to sell, purchase, transfer ownership and register a gun.

General Bill of Sale – Generally used for the sale, purchase, and transfer of ownership with regard to personal items.

Vehicle Bill of Sale – This document is generally used to sell, purchase, transfer ownership and register an automobile or motorcycle.

Delaware Boat Registration Forms

  • Boat Registration Application
  • If the boat is titled in a different state, the original title must be submitted and will be kept by the state.
  • If the boat comes from a different registering state then the registration will be required with a notarized bill of sale
  • If the boat has been purchased new from a boat dealer, the manufacturer’s original certificate of origin (MCO) must be submitted
  • All paperwork must show the vessel hull ID number
  • If the boat is currently registered in DE, the old registration card will be required accompanied by a notarized bill of sale, to include a description of the boat
  • A notarized bill of sale is not needed if both buyer and seller appear in person with their respective picture IDs
  • If the boat is not registered in DE, you will need to procure a Boat Ramp Certificate Form this may be acquired at any local Boat Ramp Agency Location
  • Be prepared to pay any fees needed for registration

Delaware Motor Vehicle Registration Forms

  • An emissions/Safety Inspection document
  • Auto Insurance purchased from a licensed agent in the state of Delaware
  • A title that has transferred ownership to you and a bill of sale
  • A picture ID
  • Be prepared to pay all registration fees