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Louisiana Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Louisiana bill of sale forms are legal documents that provide information about the sale and purchase of property, such as boats, vehicles, and firearms. They include the details of the transaction and can be used to register the transaction with the state. Once the transaction has been completed, it is recommended that the bill be signed by both parties.
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Forms (4)

Vehicle Bill of Sale – Used to prove the legal sale and purchase of a motor vehicle. This form will generally be necessary for registration.

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Boat Bill of Sale – This document will provide proof of purchase and change of ownership of a vessel/boat.

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General Bill of Sale – Will be used, usually, by two private parties, to prove legal sale and purchase of personal property.

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Gun Bill of Sale – This form would be used between dealer and individual or two private parties to prove legal sale and purchase, and the date of the change of ownership of a firearm.

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Vehicle Registration Forms

  • Proof of Insurance with minimum requirements being:
    • $15,000 of bodily injury coverage, per person;
    • $30,000 of bodily injury coverage, per accident;
    • $25,000 of property damage coverage;
  • Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney, if an agent will represent the vehicle owner in any titling or registering matters.

Boat Registration Forms

  • Registration Fees (rates vary based on the vessel’s length).[2]