Louisiana Bill of Sale Forms

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Louisiana bill of sale forms are legal documents that provide information with regard to the sale and purchase of any form of new or used property. These documents will also provide proof of a change of ownership. Some of the forms will require the presence of a notary public. For those forms, it is advised that no signatures be submitted until the notary public is present.

Types (4)

Boat Bill of Sale – This document will provide proof of purchase and change of ownership of a vessel/boat.

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General Bill of Sale – Will be used, usually, by two private parties, to prove legal sale and purchase of personal property.

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Gun Bill of Sale – This form would be used between dealer and individual or two private parties to prove legal sale and purchase, as well, the date of the change of ownership of a firearm.

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Vehicle Bill of Sale – To be used to prove the legal sale and purchase of a motor vehicle. This form will generally be necessary for registration in the state.

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Louisiana Boat Registration Forms

  • Completed Boat Registration Application (Form 55)
  • A bill of sale and Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO)
  • Paid Tax Receipt (copy)
  • Provide a check or money order for registration fees
  • Send all information to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as stated
  • If you have any further questions regard to Louisiana boat registration, call 1-(225) 765-2898

Louisiana Gun Registration Forms

  • To qualify for a concealed gun permit an individual must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be a resident of Louisiana for at least 6 months
  • Must pass a basic weapons training course
  • Must take safety classes
  • May not possess any background of felony convictions
  • No known alcohol or drug abuse
  • Must have no documentation of mental illness
  • Once approved the permit takes 10 days to issue and is valid throughout the state for 4 years
  • This permit may be acquired by going to your local State Police Department  for assistance

Louisiana Vehicle Registration Forms

  • You will need to complete a  Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799)
  • A photo ID (driver’s license)
  • Proof of Auto Insurance (unless purchased with a dealership)
  • You’ll need a valid Inspection Certificate
  • A bill of sale or invoice
  • The title certificate (must be signed over to you by the previous owner) and the vehicle’s current registration
  • For vehicles under 10 years old, you must provide an odometer reading (in miles)
  • If you’re financing the payment of the vehicle  – A security agreement, UCC-1 Financing Statement or a chattel mortgage
  • Be prepared to pay all Registration and titling fees
  • Be prepared to pay taxes of 4% of the value of your vehicle
  • If required by the Parrish in which you reside, you may need to be prepared to pay state and local taxes as well