New Hampshire Bill of Sale Forms

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The New Hampshire Bill of Sale Forms legal documents that will assist in the protection of both a seller and buyer as well, will provide information that is needed for some registration processes. The forms will provide information with regard to the seller, buyer and whatever vehicles, vessels, firearms and/or personal item(s) that may require registration in the state of New Hampshire. Some forms will require notarization.


Boat Bill of Sale – One would use this form to properly document the sale, purchase and change of ownership of a vessel/boat

General Bill of Sale – This form is used, in most cases, between to private parties in the sale and purchase of personal items

Gun Bill of Sale – Use this document to provide proof of a legal sale, purchase and change of ownership  of a firearm

Vehicle Bill of Sale – To be used in the sale, purchase and to provide proof of a change of ownership of a motor vehicle in NH

New Hampshire Boat Registration Forms

New Hampshire Vehicle Registration Forms

  • A title that has been signed over to you
  • A bill of sale
  • Proof of residency in the state of New Hampshire
  • An Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • New Hampshire charges state fees as well as city fees. The state fees are based upon the weight of your vehicle. When preparing to pay fees be advised that you must provide a separate check, money order, and/or credit card transaction for each respective fee.
  • State Fees:
  • 0 to 3000 lbs.: $31.20.
  • 3001 t0 5000 lbs.: $43.20.
  • 5001 to 8000 lbs.: $55.20.
  • 8001 to 73,280 lbs.: $.96 per 100 lbs.

City Fees:

  • Passenger vehicles and trucks: $3.
  • Heavy vehicles and buses: $5.
  • Motorcycles, recreational/farm vehicles, and trailers: $2.

Miscellaneous New Hampshire Vehicle Registration Fees:

  • Initial license plate fee: one time fee of $8.
  • Duplicate car registration: $15.
  • Temporary 20 days registration: $10.