Background Check Authorization Form

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A background check authorization form is a release given to allow someone else to perform credit and criminal background checks. A person that is agreeing to have their information looked-up must provide consent to the requesting party. This release is completed by filling-in the releasor’s information including their full name (including aliases or maiden names), current address, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth (DOB), and providing their signature. The requestor, at their option, may ask for additional information.


Employer’s (Criminal) Background Check – Authorization granted by a releasor that is willing to undergo a criminal background check in an effort to be employed. The releasor is entitled to a copy of this report in the States of California, Minnesota and Oklahoma.

FBI Background Check (Application) – Submit your information in order to get an official FBI Criminal History Check. This will detail any and all criminal activity on your record. The cost is $18 plus $20 in order to get fingerprinted.

Tenant Background Check – Used by landlords for housing purposes. To verify the potential tenant’s criminal history and credit status. The landlord will commonly administer a small fee for performing the verification.

How to Get a Background Check

Step 1 – Select the Type of Background Check

You will need to obtain written authorization before performing the query:

All forms require the releasor to enter their personal information and sign when submitting to the requesting party.

Step 2 – Perform the Background Check

In order to conduct the search the requestor will have to do one (1) of the following:

There is no such thing as getting a free background check. Unfortunately, no matter which route is chosen there will be a fee involved.

Step 3 – View the Background Check Report

When conducting any type of criminal or credit report you will able to view the results immediately online. For the FBI results, it will be 4-6 days before the documents arrive in the mail.

At this time the requestor can make their final evaluation before deciding to approve the individual’s credentials.

(Video) What is a Background Check Authorization Form?

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the Background Check Authorization Form in Adobe PDF.

Step 2 – On the first page of the form, the Company’s name (performing the background check) must be entered in the first available field. Next, the Background Check Company’s name, address, phone number, and website must be provided in the empty spaces in the second paragraph of the form.  The Company’s phone number can be entered in the last space provided near the middle of the first page.

Step 3 – Page 2 asks for your full name and the number of years you have used this name. You can also check the box below that for a copy of your background check report (if you live in CA, MN, or OK). At the bottom of the page, include your signature and the current date.

Step 4 – In order to conduct a thorough background check, the Company requires the following personal information:

  • First, middle and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • State issuing license
  • Other names (aliases)
  • Physical addresses for the past 7 years