Indiana Quit Claim Deed Form

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The Indiana quitclaim deed is a document that allows a seller to transfer real estate to a buyer in Indiana. A quit claim does not have any warranties as to title, meaning the seller is not guaranteeing that he or she has clear title to the property. As with all transfers and conveyances, it is important that the buyer complete a thorough title search to make sure he or she knows exactly what interest in the real estate he or she is buying and whether there are any others who have a claim to the property. Once the deed is signed it will have to be recorded immediately at the county recorder’s office representing the county in which the property is located.


How to Write

Step 1 – Locate the buttons on the right labeled “PDF,” “ODT,” and “Word.” Each button will indicate the file type version of the Indiana Quit Claim Deed that may be downloaded. You may download one or all of them as you wish.

Step 2 – Before filling out this form, you must solidify the Identity and Location of two parties: the Preparer of this document and the Mail Recipient the Indiana County Recorder where this deed is being submitted. Let’s begin with the Preparer information. On the first line in the “Prepared By” section enter the Name of the Preparer. Then report the Preparer’s Address on the blank line labeled “Address.” This line should contain the Building Number, Street, and Unit Number where the Preparer is located. Use the next blank space, “State,” to report the Preparer’s State and the final blank space, “Zip Code,” to report the Zip Code of the Preparer’s location.

Step 3 – Next, it will be time to indicate where materials may be mailed concerning this filing. In the “After Recording Return To” area, use the “Name” line to report the Full Name of the Mail Recipient. Then, report the Full Mailing Address on the space labeled “Address,” the State on the blank line labeled “State,” and report the Zip Code using “Zip Code” line.

Step 4 – The first blank space in the main body of the Indiana Quit Claim form will require the County where the Property is found. This should be entered on the blank space supplied preceding the word “County.”

Step 5 – The paragraph starting with the phrase “Know All Men By These Presents” has several areas requiring specific information. Let’s begin by reporting the Amount of Money the Grantor has agreed to accept in exchange for his or her legal Claim to the Property. Report this amount on the first blank space by writing it out then enter it as a number following the dollar sign in the parentheses.

Step 6 – The next blank space following the term “forever quitclaims to” must have the Name of the Grantee entered. This is the individual who shall have the right to make a claim to the Property this form concerns itself with. Additionally, we must solidify the role by entering the word “Grantee” on the space following “a.” We must continue to define the Grantee by entering his or her Address on the space after the term “residing at.” This Address must have the County where the Grantee resides documented on the space after the term “County of.” The Grantee’s City must also be defined on the space following the term “City of.” The last Grantee Address to be defined will be the Grantee’s City on the space following the term “City of.”

Step 7 – It is now time to define the Property. First, on the space following the term “situated in,” report the County where this Property is geographically located. Then on the blank lines that follow, provide a full Legal Description of the Property. This should consist of an Address and the Legal Description noted on the Property Deed. If there is not enough room, you should attach this as a document. Make sure it is titled and the title cited on the blank lines.

Step 8 – The Grantor must provide the binding effect by Signing his or her Name on the space labeled “Grantor’s Signature.” The Grantor must then Print his or her Name on the line below the Signature. The Grantor’s Address, City, State & Zip Code must be reported using the next two appropriately labeled spaces. This form has been set up so that two Grantors may do this however if more Grantors are releasing claim, they, too, must provide these items. This may be accomplished through the use of an attachment or by copying and pasting the Grantor Signature section below the two columns provided.

Step 9 – The Indiana County Clerk where this Property is located will reject an Indiana Quit Claim Deed if it has not been Notarized. The final section of this form will provide the necessary language a Notary Public may utilize to Notarize the Signing. He or she will report the County concerned, the parties present for the Signing, and the Date this agreement is being signed. Additionally, the Notary Public will provide his or her ID Number, Commission Expiration Date, and Notary Seal.

Step 10 – The final step will be to directly contact the Indiana County Clerk where the Property is located. This is where you must file this paperwork and its attachments, however, you must solidify the exact Filing Fee required and obtain the submission guidelines that county has in place.