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Indiana Quit Claim Deed Form

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Indiana Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated September 06, 2023

An Indiana quitclaim deed is a document that allows a seller to transfer real estate to a buyer in Indiana. A quit claim does not have any warranties as to title, meaning the seller is not guaranteeing that he or she has clear title to the property. As with all transfers and conveyances, it is important that the buyer complete a thorough title search to make sure he or she knows exactly what interest in the real estate he or she is buying and whether there are any others who have a claim to the property. Once the deed is signed it will have to be recorded immediately at the county recorder’s office representing the county in which the property is located.


  • Recording – Must be filed at the County Recorder’s Office where the real estate is located.
  • Signing (§ 32-21-2-3) – All quitclaim deeds that are recorded in Indiana are to be signed in front of a Notary Public (Grantor(s) only).
  • Statute – § 32-21-1-15