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Delaware Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Delaware Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated December 02, 2022

A Delaware security deposit demand letter is a letter sent to recover an unreturned security deposit. After the termination of a tenancy, it is in the tenant’s right to have their security deposit returned to them in a timely manner. Should the landlord withhold the deposit for twenty (20) days or more, the tenant may deliver to them a letter requesting that the money be returned to them in full. This letter notifies the landlord that they are in violation of Delaware law and may be liable for double the amount of the initial deposit if they fail to adhere to the notice. It’s important to note that the tenant must provide a forwarding address to the landlord or risk losing the entire deposit. Furthermore, any outstanding rent, damages, or other fees that have accumulated during the tenancy can be subtracted from the deposit. The landlord must provide a list of all such costs along with the remainder of the security deposit in order to avoid paying the inflated deposit amount.

Laws§ 5514

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