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Massachusetts Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Massachusetts Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated December 02, 2022

A Massachusetts security deposit demand letter is sent to a landlord that has failed to return a security deposit within the period permitted by law. Tenants in Massachusetts are entitled to receive their security deposit within thirty (30) days after their lease or rental agreement expires. If the landlord wishes to claim damages against the tenant for unpaid rent or other non-compliances, they may deduct the costs from the deposit to cover the damages. In these cases, the landlord must also include a list detailing the damages and corresponding costs. A landlord that neglects to refund the security deposit and provide a list of deductions (if applicable) within the thirty (30) day period may relinquish their right to any amount of the deposit and their eligibility to submit a counterclaim against the tenant for damages.

Laws – Chapter 186, Section 15B

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