North Carolina Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Updated December 01, 2022

A North Carolina security deposit demand letter is a notice instructing a landlord to return the funds held in a security deposit to a tenant whose occupancy has ended. In North Carolina, landlords have thirty (30) days after the tenant moves out to provide them with both an itemized report of any damages which detract from the deposit and the remaining balance of funds. If the landlord cannot determine the total balance within the thirty (30) day period, they will have a total of sixty (60) days after the lease expires to return the security deposit.

Note: If the landlord is unable to calculate the total balance within the first thirty (30) days after the tenant moves, thus electing to return the security deposit within sixty (60) days, they must still provide the tenant with an estimate of the charges by the thirtieth (30th) day.

Laws – § 42-52