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Tennessee Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Tennessee Security Deposit Demand Letter

Updated December 01, 2022

The Tennessee security deposit demand letter is sent to a landlord who has not returned a tenant’s initial deposit within thirty (30) days from the date that the lease was terminated. State law requires the landlord to keep each tenant’s security deposit in a bank account reserved for that purpose. Furthermore, the landlord must send the tenant notice by certified mail which details the amount of refund due along with a list of the damages that will be claimed and subtracted from the total of the deposit. If the landlord fails to meet these requirements, they will not be entitled to retain any of the security deposit. The tenant must respond to the landlord within sixty (60) days from receiving said notification, otherwise, the landlord may withdraw the security deposit from the bank account to do with as they see fit.

Laws – § 66-28-301.2