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Painting Subcontractor Agreement

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Painting Subcontractor Agreement

Updated July 14, 2023

A painting subcontractor agreement is between a contractor that hires an individual or company for painting work, the ‘subcontractor’, on a larger project. This is common for new construction or remodeling when the painting work is a smaller portion of the entire project. The agreement may be written for any interior, exterior, residential, commercial, industrial, or specialty project.

Drywall Subcontractor – For work that is solely drywall-related.

Types of Painting Subcontractors

  • Residential (house, apartment, condo, etc.)
    • Kitchen Cabinets
    • Bathroom
  • Commercial
    • Industrial/Warehouse
    • Retail – restaurant, shop, etc.
    • Office
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Coating (specialist)
  • Sealant (specialist)

Does a Painter Need to be Licensed?

No, if the work needed is for general painting, then any skilled unlicensed individual may be utilized. If work requires any special licensing, such as coatings or industrial projects, for example, the subcontractor will be required to provide necessary certificates for their business and/or employees.

Although, it is highly recommended to hire someone with sufficient experience in the industry.

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