Florida 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Compliance

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Updated June 01, 2022

A Florida 7-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) is a memo drafted by a landlord and served to a tenant specifying a non-compliance action that has occurred. The non-compliance may be for any breach of the rental agreement that is not related to the failure of paying rent.

LawsF.S.A. § 83.56(2)(a)(b)

Two (2) Types

  1. Option to Cure – If the tenant violates the lease in such a way that is curable. Such as catching the tenant smoking on the property, playing loud music, etc. The tenant must provide notice to the landlord within 7 days that the violation has been cured or vacate the property.
  2. No Option to Cure – If the tenant causes incurable property damage or repeats the same lease violation within a 12 month period, the landlord has the option to terminate the lease. Under such notice, the tenant would have 7 days to vacate the property with no option to stay. Upon receipt of such notice, the rental agreement is terminated immediately.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Save the Notice To Quit Required In The State Of Florida

Three buttons have been included on this page allowing access to a different file version of the 7 Day Notice. form You may choose to acquire a “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT” file for your use by selecting one of these buttons. As an added convenience, you can also access your preferred file version utilizing the text links above (“Adobe PDF,” “Microsoft Word…,” or “Open Document Text”)

2 – Directly Address The Florida Tenant With The Subject

The name of the Tenant that must be served with a notice to quit his or her leased residence (resulting from the Tenant’s own noncompliance) must be displayed on the blank line labeled “Tenant’s Name”                        The “Property Address” line opening this document refers to the physical address that the Tenant is currently leasing and expected to vacate. The production of this material must be presented exactly as it appears in the lease the Tenant violated.          Now, the full name of the Landlord or the Property Manager sending this document must be input to the bank line designated with the label “Landlord/Property Manager’s Name”                               


3 – The Calendar Date And Reason For this Notice Must Be Documented

Naturally, since the Tenant is expected to quit the premises within seven days of this receipt, we will have to define the calendar date of this notice. Two spaces formatted to accept a “Date” have been supplied to the center of this document. Report this calendar date accordingly.        Give a well-worded account of the lease violation the Tenant is guilty of and must solve or vacate on the blank lines under the phrase “…Violated The Lease Due To The Following”


4 – Inform The Tenant Of His Or Her Options Then Execute This Notice

The next section presents you with two statements that you must choose from. Each one will describe what you expect the Tenant to do as a result of this notice. If the Tenant still can correct the lease violation, then mark the checkbox attached to “Option To Cure” and leave the second statement unmarked      If there will be “No Option To Cure” and the Tenant is expected to vacate the leased property within seven days after receiving this notice, then you must mark the second checkbox and leave the first unmarked.           The Landlord or the Property Owner who was named above must sign his or her name on the line attached to the “Signature” label.       

The Signature Party must print his or her name on the empty line labeled “Name Of.” Notice, you must check the box labeled “Landlord” or “Property Manager” in this area to indicate this individual’s status.            Next, the “Phone Number” where the Landlord or Property Manager expects inquiries regarding this notice must be displayed at the bottom of the page.      Finally, the signature “Date” when this paperwork was signed by the Landlord or Property Manager               

5 – Fill Out the Certificate of Service Section. 

On the final page, indicate how the Landlord delivered the notice to the Tenant. Florida law requires this to be via mail or personal delivery. If the Tenant were to be absent upon the Landlord’s attempt to serve personally, the Landlord may leave a copy of the notice at the residence.