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Hawaii 5-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment of Rent

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Hawaii 5-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment of Rent

Updated July 17, 2023

A Hawaii 5-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment of Rent) is a warning notice delivered to tenants upon a breach of contract due to unpaid rent. Upon delivery of the notice, the tenant will have no less than 5 business days to pay the unpaid rent in full. Tenants who comply with the notice in the appropriate number of days may continue to remain on the property.

The notice should be served to the tenant in person, but if the tenant is absent during that time, the landlord may post the notice in a conspicuous place on the dwelling unit. If the tenant remains in default after the allotted 5-day period, the landlord may bring a proper proceeding, action, or suit for possession against the tenant.

LawsHRS § 521-68

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