Oklahoma IMMEDIATE Notice to Quit Form

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The Oklahoma Immediate Notice to Quit is a form used to promptly notify a tenant of their conditions which threaten to cause imminent and irremediable harm to the premises or to any person in the area which if not remedied as promptly as stated, the rental agreement will terminate immediately.

The act to threaten the peaceful enjoyment or any criminal activity that endangers the health and safety of other tenants committed by a tenant or those associated with the tenant shall be grounds for immediate termination of the lease.

Laws – § 41-132(D)

How to Write

If the landlord’s intention is to notify the tenant to vacate the premises immediately, leave the notice as is and give a description of the violation where noted in the notice. If the tenant has the ability to cure the violation, use a 15-Day Notice to Quit.

Step 1 – In the first to fields, enter the district (county) where the tenant’s rental unit resides.

Step 2 – Give a detailed description of the violation which is causing the tenant to vacate immediately.

Step 3 – Date the document and finish with the signature and printed name of the landlord/owner.