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Rent Payment Hardship Letter – Sample

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Rent Payment Hardship Letter – Sample

Updated July 19, 2023

A rent payment hardship letter is used by a tenant of a residential or commercial property to request the landlord for a future payment installment plan, late fees waiver, or rent forgiveness due to extenuating financial circumstances. When a tenant is forthcoming about their financial challenges and demonstrates a show of good faith, the landlord may be more willing to work out a solution with the tenant.

This letter should be provided to the landlord before eviction proceedings have begun.


Jon Little
123 Douglas St. #4
Los Angeles, CA 90021

July 15, 2022

Gloria Nelson
Hello Properties Inc.
999 Owner St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Dear Gloria,

I’m Jon, and I’ve been a tenant at 123 Douglas St. #4 since November 2021. I’m writing this letter to acknowledge my late rent for this month and explain my current financial situation.

Last month, I was fired from my job at the local grocery store without notice. Since then, without my regular source of income, I have been struggling to make ends meet. As a full-time manager at the grocery store, my gross monthly income was around $3,500. I’m currently waiting on my unemployment benefits to be processed, but until then, I have no other source of income. I am proactively searching for jobs but have not had much luck yet.

My current monthly rent is $1,500. Would you consider accepting a partial monthly payment of $700 for the next six months and allow me to repay the remainder on a future payment installment plan? I sincerely would like to work out a solution with you during this temporary financial challenge. Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to reach me on my cell at 213-234-456 anytime.


Jon Little