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Graphic Design Invoice Template

Graphic Design Invoice Template

Updated May 31, 2023

A graphic design invoice is a document that a graphics professional can use to bill any company or individual for design services rendered. The designer may itemize all services and/or phases of service to the client. They may request advance payment, partial advance on services or provide full billing upon completion of the project.

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Elements of a Graphic Design Invoice

An effective Graphic Design Invoice should include the following information:

  • The first name, last name, and contact information of the graphics professional.
  • The client name or company name who commissioned the work.
  • The invoice date and reference number.
  • The date the service was provided.
  • The payment due date and all acceptable payment methods. The client should be informed of late fees if payment is not made on time
  • The project name or identifier along with details of what the project entails.
  • Advisement if payment requested is for the full project or a segment of the project along with taxes and applicable fees.
  • Add time sheets if needed or required by the client.
  • If invoicing for a partial component of the project, a statement should be added at what time additional payment may be requested or when the final invoicing will occur.

Step by Step: Graphic Design Invoice Guide

1. Observe graphic design submission

The Graphic Designer or Agency should submit a clear proposal of the work to be done. The submission should have a small watermark to protect the Graphic Designer or the company providing the service, with the understanding that the mark would be removed once all parties have a set agreement and no additional modifications are needed. The submission should be made in the acceptable media as deemed by the client and meet all requirements expected.

2. Give a quote

If the submission to the client is generic or part of a traditional submission package that is offered, the payment terms and conditions can be added with the original submission. However, if the client has requested work that takes additional time or calls for specific skill sets that are not ordinarily included, the Graphic Designer or entity will need to account for those in order to provide a fair quote to all parties.

3. Deliver graphic design with option for revision

The terms and conditions that have been agreed upon should include a number of revisions the client may be entitled to. The number should be reasonable and realistic, as providing a dozen or more revisions may be impractical and could cause delays in providing finalized work.

4. Deliver final product with invoice

Once the product has been agreed upon and no additional revisions are required, the Graphic Designer or company should invoice the client immediately. Invoicing clients immediately upon completion of work will provide a higher opportunity for payment to be received in full and avoid payment delays or future legal matters.

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