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Non-Profit Meeting Minutes Template | Sample

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Non-Profit Meeting Minutes Template | Sample

Updated August 08, 2023

Non-profit meeting minutes allow a non-profit organization to properly document the significant items of discussion during a regularly scheduled board or member meeting. Not-for-profit organizations are encouraged to outline the minutes by following their meeting agenda and with all attendees following Robert’s Rules of Order in order to maintain a civil discourse. Meeting minutes are not a complete transcript, but instead, they serve to note only the essential information discussed throughout the meeting. A secretary shall take meeting minutes that record noteworthy topics, votes, and resolutions.

Table of Contents

Formatting (8 parts)

I. Meeting Details

  • Main Title (top of page) – “Non-Profit Meeting Minutes for [Organization’s Name];
  • Chairperson’s name;
  • Secretary’s name (if any);
  • Date & Time; and
  • Location.

II. Attendees

  • List all attendees.

III. Absentees

  • List all absentees.

IV. Call to Order

V. Old Business

  • List outstanding discussion items from the previous meeting;
  • Describe any issues and/or resolutions from the “old business” discussion; and
  • Record any decisions made through a vote.

VI. New Business

  • Document new orders of business;
  • Describe any questions, concerns, or issues that arise;
  • Log any reports or other documentation that is distributed; and
  • Record any decisions made by vote.

VII. Other Items

  • Announcements;
  • Nominations;
  • Upcoming scheduled votes; and
  • Any other business matters that are discussed.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Record the time of the meeting’s end;
  • Meeting Chair/Organizer and Secretary approve minutes; and
  • Minutes are distributed to all attendees.

Sample – Non-Profit Meeting Minutes

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