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Alaska Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Alaska Notary Acknowledgment Form

Updated August 31, 2023

An Alaska notary acknowledgment form is a certificate affixed to a document which authenticates the signatures provided within the document. Certification of this variety is often required when signing documents of great importance such as a mortgage or living will. The form shall be completed by a notary public or other licensed official who has the authority to acknowledge the authenticity of a signature. Before a notary public may execute the document, they must confirm the identities of the parties and ensure that their signatures are provided willfully. A notary public who has fulfilled their aforementioned duty may complete the notary acknowledgment form to authenticate the signatures of the requesting individuals.

Laws – AS 09.63.100

Notary Handbook – Defines the title of being a notary in Alaska along with the attributed powers, laws, and use in everyday practice.

How to Notarize in Alaska (4 steps)

  1. Find Notary
  2. Take to Notary
  3. Show ID
  4. Sign

1. Find Notary

Use one (1) of the following resources in order to find a notary public in Alaska:

2. Take to Notary

The document you wish to have notarized should be taken to the notary public for review. Depending on the policies of the business, you may be required to supply a processing fee for their services.

3. Show ID

At this point, the notary public will ask you to identify yourself by showing an identification document (preferably one that contains your photograph, signature, and physical description). The notary will then make sure that your signature is provided willfully and that you have the competency to do so.

4. Sign

With the previous steps completed, the notary will request that you either sign your documents in front of them or if your documents already contain your signature, ask that you confirm the validity of the written signature. The process is concluded once the notary public has filled in and stamped the acknowledgment form.

Verify a Notary in Alaska (4 steps)

Step 1

Begin the verification process by navigating to this webpage.

alaska notary commissions search page

Step 2

In the empty spaces below “Search Fields,” describe the notary by providing the following information:

  • Notary type
  • Status
  • Name
  • Commission #
  • Primary city
  • Business name
  • Street address
  • Languages
  • Mobile Notary?

search fields

Step 3

If you are aware of the notary’s commission dates, enter the dates into the applicable empty fields. Click Search when you’re ready to proceed.

date commissioned and expiration

Step 4

Your search results will be presented on the following page. More information on any notary mentioned within the list can be accessed by selecting the individual’s name.

notary search results

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the Alaska notary acknowledgment form in one (1) of the following formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, Open Document Text.

Step 2 – Begin filling in the form by providing the name of the county or municipality of acknowledgment. Below that, enter the date of acknowledgment (day, month, year) and the name(s) of the person(s) requesting acknowledgment.

Step 3 – In the remaining spaces, the notary public should provide their signature, title or rank, serial number (if any), and commission expiration date.