Hawaii Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Updated March 07, 2023

A Hawaii notary acknowledgment form is a statement of certification completed by a notary public, or other public officials, who can attest to the authenticity of the signatures on a document. An acknowledgment is used to recognize or confirm the legitimacy of signatures already included in the document presented to the notary; unlike a jurat, where the notary must witness the signatures being inscribed on the document. However, the signers may choose to wait until they are in the presence of the notary to sign the document. The notary’s duty is to verify the identity of each signer and acknowledge their declaration that they have freely signed the document. Once they have acknowledged the identities and declarations, the notary can fill out, sign, and seal the acknowledgment form.

Laws§ 502-41

Notary Handbook – This handbook contains information on the process of becoming a notary public, as well as the duties and functions related to the position.

How to Notarize in Hawaii

Step 1 – A good place to start looking for a notary is at one of the following public locations:

Step 2 – Once a notary has been located, each signer must appear before them and present the original document.

Step 3 – Identification will be required unless the notary public can personally recognize the signing individual(s).

Step 4 – Signatures must be inscribed on the document in front of the notary public. However, for acknowledgments, signatures can already be included as long as all signing parties declare that they have signed the document under their own free will.

Step 5 – An oath or affirmation regarding the truthfulness of the document must be made (doesn’t apply to acknowledgments).

Step 6 – The notary must complete the proper notarial certificate, including their signature and official seal.

Verify a Notary in Hawaii

Step 1 – Should one need to verify a notary in the State of Hawaii, one can simply navigate to the Notary Public Search webpage on the government website.

hawaii online notary department of attorney general banner

Step 2 – To start a search, enter a name, city, or zip code into the field provided and click Search.

notary public search field

Step 3 – Beside each notary’s name will be their phone number, city, zip code, and language.

notary public search results

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the Hawaii Notary Acknowledgment Form in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or ODT.

Step 2 – Enter the following information into the appropriate fields:

  • County
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  • Signer’s name

Step 3 – Notary must include their seal, signature, printed name, and commission expiration date at the bottom of the form.