Ohio Notary Acknowledgment Form

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The Ohio notary acknowledgment form is meant to be used by a notary public when authenticating signatures on legal documents. By law, a notarized document is considered valid only if voluntarily executed by the parties involved for the reasons set forth within the document. Notarial acts of this variety are often required for mortgages, trust deeds, living wills, and other like documents. All relevant parties must appear before the notary at the time the acknowledgment form is signed. Additionally, the notary must have reasonable certainty of each person’s identity. Once the notary has confirmed all identities and examined the document being notarized, the acknowledgment form will be completed and all documents will be returned to the initial parties.

Laws – § 147.55

Notary Handbook – The “Manual for Notaries Public,” provided by the Cincinnati Bar Association, contains information on the laws surrounding notarial acts. Additionally, the document provides examples of acknowledgment forms and describes the steps involved in executing the acknowledgment.

How to Notarize in Ohio

Step 1 – Begin by locating a notary public within the State. In Ohio, a notary public can often be found at the following places:

Step 2 – Ohio law allows notaries to authenticate signatures on previously signed documents. Therefore, you should fill in your documents completely, whether signed or not, before bringing your documents to a notary public for examination. You may be required to provide a small processing fee at this time.

Step 3 – The notary public must have a reasonable certainty of your identity before the notarial act may be executed. If you are not personally known to the notary, you may provide identification documents (preferably a non-expired, government issued photo ID) or have a third person who is known to the notary be present to attest to your identity.

Step 4 – If the notary is confident that you are indeed the individual mentioned within the document, they will ask you to sign your documents (if not previously signed). The notary will then complete the acknowledgment form by detailing the notarial act and provide their signature, stamp/seal, title or rank, and serial number (if any) to the form. Once notarized, your documents will be returned thus completing the notarization process.

Verify a Notary in Ohio

Step 1 – Begin by navigating to the Ohio Secretary of State webpage.

Step 2 – Locate the “SEARCH NOTARIES” heading and, just below it, select CLICK HERE TO SEARCH.

Step 3 – In the empty fields of the search menu, provide a notary’s first name, last name, county, and zip code. To the right of the fields, use the drop-down menus to specify whether you’d like to search for a notary whose name starts with or is an exact match to the one entered in your search. Click Run Report to submit the search information.

Step 4 – The following page will provide you with a list containing the names of all notaries that correspond with your search information. In addition to the notaries’ names, you may review their addresses, commission numbers, notary types, commission dates, comments, and whether or not they offer electronic notarial services.

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Start by downloading the Ohio notary acknowledgment form in one (1) of the following formats: Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe (.pdf), Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – Supply the following information in the empty spaces of the form:

  • State
  • County
  • Date
  • Name of individual
  • Seal/Stamp
  • Notary signature
  • Title or rank
  • Serial number (if any)