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South Carolina Notary Acknowledgment Form

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South Carolina Notary Acknowledgment Form

Updated September 01, 2023

A South Carolina notary acknowledgment form is a document executed by a notary public for the purpose of authenticating an individual’s signature on official paperwork. Acting on behalf of the State, the notary public must ensure that the signing individual has been identified as the person described within the documents and that they are signing for the reason(s) stated therein. This official identification is often required during the signing of deeds, living trusts, mortgages, and other items which must be notarized as a requirement of State law. After the notary has ensured that the acknowledgment is being made according to State regulations, he/she will execute the notary acknowledgment form to validate the signature of the individual.

Laws – § 26-3-70

Notary Handbook – The handbook contains information on the notary application process and operating procedures. Also provided within the document are example acknowledgment certificates as well as other documents commonly used by notarial officers.

How to Notarize in South Carolina (5 steps)

  1. Find Notary
  2. Prepare Documents
  3. Show ID
  4. Authenticate
  5. Oath

1. Find Notary

In South Carolina, a notary public can generally be located at the following places:

2. Prepare Documents

After locating a notary public, prepare your documents and take them in to be examined. You may be required to pay a service fee at this time depending on the policies of the company/individual.

3. Show ID

It will be of the utmost importance for the notary public to confirm your identity before acknowledging your signature. Thus, you must prove your identity by showing a government-issued identification document that contains your signature, photograph, and physical description. If no such documents are available to you, a credible witness who is personally known to the notary may make an oath or affirmation attesting to your identity OR two (2) witnesses who present a current identification document may make an oath of affirmation for the same purpose.

4. Authenticate

The notary public will proceed with the authentication of your signature. If you have already signed the documents presented before the notary, you will be required to confirm that the signature is your own and that it was provided willfully. If you have yet to sign your documents, the notary public will request that you sign your papers in their presence.

5. Oath

At this time, the notary will have confirmed your identity and made sure that your signature was provided under your own volition. The notary may then complete the acknowledgment form to authenticate your signature and complete the notarization process.

Verify a Notary in South Carolina (3 steps)

Step 1

Click here to access the South Carolina Secretary of State webpage.

south carolina secretary of state notary search page

Step 2

Enter a notary’s name in the empty search field. You may refine your search results to a specific South Carolina county by selecting one (1) of the options found within the “County” drop-down menu. Click Search to submit the information.

notary search by name

Step 3

The next page will provide you with a list of all notaries that correspond with your search criteria. This list shows the notaries’ names, counties of residence, and commission expiration dates.

notaries search results by name

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – The South Carolina notary acknowledgment form is available for download in PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.docx), and Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – Supply the following information in the blank fields of the acknowledgment form:

  • State of acknowledgment;
  • County of acknowledgment;
  • Date;
  • Name of person acknowledged;
  • Notary signature;
  • Notary title or rank; and
  • Notary serial number (if any).