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Alaska Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Alaska Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 05, 2023

An Alaska limited power of attorney gives an individual the ability to perform explicit actions on behalf of a principal as stated in the form. The agent is restricted to the specific instructions written in the document, and in most instances, the form expires after the event or action is completed on behalf of the agent.

The form must be written pursuant to State law Title 13, Chapter 26 that states the principal is the only individual required to authorize but must do so with a notary public (including their seal being placed on the form).

How to Write

1 – Secure The Required Form

You may download this document by selecting either the PDF or Word button below the image on this page. If you wish to enter the information onscreen, then you must have the appropriate program to edit the file type you selected.

2 – Identifying the Principal

Locate the blank space following the words “Be It Acknowledged…,” then document the Name of the Principal on this line. This must be the Full Name of the individual relinquishing Authority through this form to a specified Agent.

On the blank space, designated as “social security number,” the Principal’s Social Security Number must be recorded.

3 – Identifying The Agent

Locate the term “specific power of attorney to,” then enter the Full Name of the Agent in the blank space following this term.

The next blank space requiring attention (“Address”) will call for the Complete Address of the Agent to be defined.

4 – Transferring Authority

A report on what actions the Agent may take, relating to the Principal, must be defined specifically on the set of blank lines following the paragraph beginning with “Said attorney-in-fact…”

5 – Signing This Form

The Principal must provide the Date this form is being Signed, as well as his or her Signature, in the presence of a Notary Public.

Locate the words “Signed this,” then report the Calendar Day, Month, and Year when the Principal is providing his or her Signature

Locate the blank space labeled “Principal’s Signature.” The Principal must Sign his or her Name on this line.

The last section of this document should be filled in by the Notary Public, during Notarization, and is for the exclusive use of this entity. Make sure the State, County, Date, Attendee Names, and Notary Credentials.

The agent will most likely be asked to present the limited power of attorney document, or a copy, whenever it shall be used.