Arizona Land Contract Template

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Updated June 18, 2022

An Arizona land contract is used to facilitate a transaction between a buyer and a seller for raw land. The contract acts as an offer presented by the buyer to the seller for acceptance. Upon receiving, the seller will have the option to make a counteroffer, reject, or accept the terms of the agreement. Once an agreement has been reached a closing date should be scheduled.

Buyer Inquiries (Universal Inv. Co. v. Sahara Motor Inn, Inc. -1980) – If the buyer asks a specific question about the property, the seller is obligated to disclose what they know.

Soil Remediation Disclosure (§ 33-434.01) – The seller is required to inform the buyer if the property has ever been under any type of remediation.

Unincorporated Area Disclosure (§ 33-422) – For property that is located in unincorporated land.

Where to Record? (§ 11-468) – The buyer will submit the deed to the County Recorder’s Office to make official after the closing.

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