Car Wash Receipt Template

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The car wash receipt can be supplied by any car cleaning service following the full payment of the amount due. A full description of each service provided by the company as well as the individual cost of each can be calculated using the template. Often such a receipt is useful should the car be required for business purposes and the driver wishes to deduct the total amount owed from their annual income tax return.

Car Detailing Receipt – For extra work that is requested after a vehicle is washed.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)


1 – Save The Car Wash Receipt Template To Your Machine

The receipt available here can be obtained with the “Adobe PDF” button presented on this site. If preferred, you can also choose to work with a word processing file using one of the remaining buttons (“Word” or “ODT”).


2 – Produce Some Basic Information To The Top Of This Page

The top right of this page will need to make some information defining this receipt readily available to the Customer. The first blank line “Date” requires that you enter the calendar date when this receipt is being issued. Typically, this is the same day that payment was received.  The “Receipt #” line will seek the unique alphanumeric document number assigned by the Car Washer’s bookkeeping system furnished to it.


3 – Display The Car Washer’s Business Information

The header information on this page will need some additional information to complete the definition of this document. Using the first labeled line on the left, record the “Company Name” of the Car Washing issuing this receipt. This area will also need the Car Washer’s general contact information. First, we will record the street “Address” and the appropriate city, state, and zip code utilizing the next two blank lines down this column. Finally, some supplementary (but standard) contact information will need to be displayed. The blank spaces labeled “Phone” and “Email” will accept these next two items of information accordingly.


4 – Report On The Vehicle Information And The Services Provided

The “Vehicle Information” section will request some details regarding the car that was washed. Four blank spaces have been supplied so that an adequate description can be included. This area will require the “Make,” “Model,” “Year,” and “Color” of the concerned vehicle. The next area will concern itself with the concerned car washing. First, list every action performed on the vehicle on a row by row basis in the “Description Of Services” column. The next two columns “QTY” and “Cost” will support the following column’s report. First, list how many of the ordered services (or product) were required in the “QTY” column then, the “Cost” of one service or product in the next column. Multiply the “QTY” and the “Cost” of a defined service then put the result in the “Line Total” box of the same row. Turn your attention further down the “Line Total” column to the box labeled “Subtotal.” This box will need the sum of every number entered above it. The “Tax” box will have two requirements. First, report the tax rate the government requires with your “Subtotal.” Then apply the tax amount in the next box
The next box down, “Total,” will need one more calculation. Add your “Subtotal” to your “Tax” amount to the “Total” box. Finally, enter the exact “Amount Paid” by the Customer towards the charges above.


5 – Execute This Receipt By Signature

The final act the Preparer must perform is to make sure that the Car Washer or an entity allowed to represent the Car Washer signs his or her name on the “Authorized Signature” line. The Signature Party should print his or her name on the blank line labeled “Representative Name.”