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Car Detailing Receipt Template

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The car detailing receipt template is a statement acknowledging that a customer successfully paid a company for car detailing (cleaning) services. The receipt serves as proof of the date payment was made, the type of cleaning of services administered by the company, the method of payment, and the total amount paid by the customer. Other details may be included such as a description of the vehicle and the names of those who conducted the cleaning.

How to Write

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1 – Download The Car Detailing Receipt With This Site

Seek out the file type you wish to use when filling out this template from one of the buttons underneath the preview image of this template at the top of the page. If preferred, you can also select the file type of preference for this receipt from the links directly above this area.


2 – Introduce The Detailer’s Company

The Cleaning Service issuing this receipt must have its full and legal identity presented on the first blank line (attached to the term “Company Name”). 

The address where the Cleaning Service runs its paperwork through should also be included here. Present each line of this address to the appropriate blank line in this section. 

Two more blank lines will give the Consumer an additional option to contact it. The “Phone” number and the “Fax” number that can be used to reach this entity will each have a blank space to be presented. 

The final step in identifying the Cleaning Service will be found on the last two blank lines. Produce the “E-Mail” and the “Website” of the Cleaning Service to this area. 


3 – Record The Receipt’s Identifying Information

The Customer receiving this receipt in response to the payment he or she submitted requires some defining information included with this paperwork. This will concern the ability to refer to and discuss this receipt easily. To satisfy this expectation, enter the calendar “Date” of this receipt’s generation. This will usually be the same date that the Customer’s payment was submitted and received. 

Additionally, find the label “Receipt #” then record the filing number that will be associated with this receipt. This number will often be the reference number used to call out the receipt when performing a query, so record this accurately in the space provided.    


4 – The Customer’s Identity Should Be Documented

Next, you must produce some basic information concerning the Customer and his or her vehicle. The first four lines in this section have been placed to accept the full Name (“Name”), Address (“Street Address” and “City, State, Zip”), and current telephone number (“Phone”) of the Client.

The blank space attached to the “License” label refers to the complete license number held by the vehicle’s owner or someone who is authorized to obtain this service for the vehicle). Reproduce this number from the Customer’s Driver’s License.  The final blank line in this section is labeled “Year, Make, Model” supply the vehicle’s information to his space. This must be the vehicle that has been detailed during the cleaning provided.   


5 – A Summary Of The Detailing Service Is Necessary

The receipt table at the center of this page will present a few columns. Each of these columns will serve to organize the information. Begin by listing the number of services or merchandise the Customer paid for along with a description of these items in the first two columns (“QTY” and “Services Rendered”).  Your Customer may have ordered five of a given service or product or one. This would have been reported in the first column however, we must further define this item by listing how much one would cost. Referred to as the “Unit Price” enter the cost of one unit or one service. Every row that has a “QTY” and a “Unit Price” value entered must have these two values multiplied then presented in the last column of the same row (“Total”)   Proceed to add each “Total” to the “Subtotal” box.   The applicable “Tax Rate” and the “Total Tax” that must be included must be recorded accordingly.   Finally, add the number you produced in “Subtotal” to the one you recorded in “Total Tax” and make sure the result is placed in the box next to the word “Total” near the bottom of the column.   The “Total Paid” is the exact amount of money the Cleaning Service received from the Customer and must be input to the last box of this column.   Notice the final row on this table. It contains three choices for documenting the way the Customer’s payment was received (“Cash,” “Credit (No.),” “Check (No.), and “Other.” Mark each checkbox that can define how the payment being documented was received. If the payment was by “Credit” or “Check” record the number requested on the space provided. Also, keep in mind, that if some other payment method was used you must define it in the space after the word “Other.”   


6 – Finalize This Receipt By Signature

Finally, document the full name of each Technician that detailed the vehicle to the area in “Name(s) Of Service Person(s)”  The individual issuing this receipt on behalf of the Cleaning Service must sing his or her name on the line attached to the “Authorized Signature” label then present his or her “Printed Name” to the area below this