Horse (Sale) Receipt Template

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The horse sale receipt is used by a horse vendor to give proof of payment to the buyer of a horse. The document describes the horse, as well as the amount and type of payment. On the receipt, the seller confirms the horse’s transfer of ownership to the buyer and the buyer acknowledges that they received the horse without any warranties or guarantees.

Horse Bill of Sale – The legal agreement that outlines the terms by which the Seller agrees to sell a horse to a Buyer.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Acquire The Horse Sales Receipt

Use the buttons underneath the feature image to access and save the receipt previewed in the image on this page. It is accessible as a “PDF,”  “Word,” or “ODT” file.


2 – The Date Of Sale And Declaration Statement Require Attention

Begin this receipt by reporting the “Date” of sale when the horse was purchased.    Locate the first blank space in the declaration statement then place the identity of the Horse Seller on it.       Record the Horse “Seller’s Address” on the second blank space and his or her “State/City” on the third blank space in this sentence.   The next portion of this sentence will request some information about the horse that was sold. First, identify the equine on the space preceding the bracketed label “Name Of Horse” and its birthday on the space before the label “Horse’s Date Of Birth.”

Lastly, deliver the “Description Of Horse” and relevant application number on the next two blank spaces.      The next entity to be defined in this sentence is that of the Horse Purchaser. His or her name must be produced on the empty line that precedes the phrase “…The Buyer Of…”   The last two spaces here must be furnished with the Horse Buyer’s address and “State/City” where requested.       


3 – The Table Must Be Completed With The Payment Information

Underneath the declaration statement of sale, you just completed will be a brief but indispensable table. Use the column headings in this table to document the “Selling Price” of the horse, the applied “Tax Rate,” and the “Total Taxes…” applied to the sale. Note, it is recommended that you verify that the value you enter in “Total Taxes Due” is equal to the “Tax Rate” multiplied with the “Selling Price.”   

Now, subtract the dollar amount received from the value you reported in the “Selling Price” column. Place the result in “Total Amount Due”   The actual dollar amount received should be recorded on the blank space after the words “Sum Received” then produced as a number after the dollar sign.   

Finally, mark the checkbox labeled “Check” or “Credit Card” to indicate how this horse payment was submitted. If there was some “Other” method, then you must describe it on the blank space provided.   

4 – Both Parties Must Verify A Certification Statement

The Horse Buyer must sign then print his or her name after reading the declaration starting with the phrase “I, The Undersigned Buyer…” so long as he or she agrees with the conditions presented in this sentence and the above information was produced accurately.        The receipt of the funds for the horse that was sold as well as the acknowledgment statement beginning with words “I, The Undersigned Seller…” will only be considered a verified by the Horse Seller if he or she provides a signature and printed name. To finalize this receipt, the Horse Seller must sign his or her name on the “Buyer’s Signature” line then follow through by printing his or her name on the empty line below it.