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Media Liability Release Form

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Media Liability Release Form

Updated December 29, 2023

A media release form, or a media consent release, is a legally binding document that grants authorization for a party to produce, reproduce (or reuse), edit videos, take pictures, print, and record sound of an individual. Individuals under the age of 18 will need their legal guardian to sign the form.  The Media Release Form may be signed before or immediately after the impacted party has participated in an event, which is dependent on local state law.

What to Include

Each media release form may differ, as most states do not have specified legal requirements that must be met. A media release form may include the following information:

  • Printed Name
  • Address
  • Email and Phone Number
  • Signature
  • Names of the parties waiving rights for listed use.
  • Names of the parties receiving rights of the listed media.
  • Acknowledgement of Age
  • Identification and consent of Legal Guardian. Required if the party waiving the rights is a minor.

Types of Content a Media Release Form Covers

The media release form may declare or provide options on how the content will be utilized, the longevity of the form or provide specification if the form is for a particular activity and therefore one-time use only. Unless otherwise noted the form will be valid for the lifetime of its existence. All content type should be outlined in the form and examples of potential scenarios may also be listed. Common information found in media release form are the following:

  • The party granting consent waives the right to compensation or royalties.
  • The party granting consent waives the right to disapprove or approve the final content created.
  • The party granting consent acknowledges other contracts will not be breached, by participating in current agreement.
  • The acknowledgment that the Party granting consent release any applicable business entity or school from liability and all claims.
  • List the class of release, which may be defined as Limited or Blanket.
  • List the rights of the Party receiving consent which may produce, reproduce, edit, print, trade or share content (videos or moving photographs, illustrations, advertising, images, likeness, sound, and statements or comments) as desired.

The media release form is subject to local state laws, and notarization may be required. Individuals may consult legal counsel to ensure the validity and scope of the form.

Media Release For a Minor

This release is used when the actor, model, or subject of a photo or video shoot is a minor and must have their parent or legal guardian sign the contract on their behalf.

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