Alabama Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

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An Alabama month to month lease agreement is a rental contract with no end date and allows either the landlord or tenant to cancel with 30 days’ notice. The agreement follows all State laws the same as a standard lease although has the option to be terminated with short notice. This is preferred for any landlord or tenant seeking a short-term tenancy arrangement.

The same precautions should be met when writing a month to month lease as with any other type such as checking the tenant’s credit and background with the rental application.

Minimum Termination Period – 30 days

Laws§ 35-9A-441(b)

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word

Step 1 – Download and begin by filling-in the full names of the landlord and tenant.

Step 2 – Enter the address of the premises.

Step 3 – Enter the lease commencement date (this is not the date the agreement is signed).

Step 4 – Enter the terms of the document including the following:

  • Lease payment amounts on a per month basis;
  • Date payments are due;
  • Late charges (if any);
  • Late fee amount for any checks made for insufficient funds;
  • Security deposit amount – Cannot be more than the equivalent of one (1) month’s rent per Section 35-9A-201;
  • Default clause – Days the tenant has to cure any defect;
  • Occupants – List how many persons are allowed to stay on the premises;
  • List if the tenant has the permission to sublease the property;
  • List utilities and services provided by the landlord by checking the boxes;
  • Pet deposit amount;
  • Write how many days the tenant being away from the property is considered abandonment;
  • Display of signage;
  • Hours the tenant is allowed to move-in/move-out and have the delivery of furniture;
  • Parking;
  • Balconies;

Step 5 – Both landlord and tenant should sign the document. The security deposit (if any) should be given at this time along with access to the property (if applicable).

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Alabama Termination Letter – Use to cancel a month-to-month lease in Alabama by providing at least 30 days’ notice.

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word