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Alabama Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Alabama Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Updated March 04, 2024

An Alabama standard lease agreement is a fixed-term arrangement between a landlord and tenant renting residential property, commonly for one (1) year. It should mention the monthly rent amount, the landlord’s responsibilities, and include any required disclosures.

Rental Application – It is recommended that a landlord verify a tenant’s credit profile before signing a legally binding lease.

Required Disclosures (2)

  1. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Required for all housing structures built before 1978.[1]
  2. Owner/Manager Identification – All agreements must state the person in charge of maintaining the premises, whether the landlord or someone instructed to act on their behalf.[2]

Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount – One (1) month’s rent. This does not include other types the landlord can request, such as a pet deposit or for “increased liability risk” imposed by the tenant.[3]

Returning – A landlord must return a security deposit to the tenant within 60 days after termination of the lease and delivery of possession (tenant vacates the property).[4]

  • Itemized List – If the landlord does not refund the security deposit in its entirety, an itemized list of the amounts withheld must be mentioned.[5]

Rent Payment Laws

Grace Period – No rent grace period. Rent must be paid without demand or notice at the time and place agreed upon by the landlord and tenant.[6]

Maximum Late Fee – There is no statutory limit to how much the landlord can charge the tenant for late rent. Therefore, the State’s maximum interest rate applies (usury rate) of 8% per year. This is limited to an interest rate of 6% for verbal agreements.[7]

NSF Fee – If rent is paid with a dishonored check, the landlord can charge a fee of $30.[8]


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