Arkansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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The Arkansas Standard Lease Agreement will solidify a rental agreement between a Landlord and tenant once both have signed it. This obligates each party to the terms written within it. Landlords must provide a safe habitable residence while tenants must observe the rules of the property and refrain from damaging the rented space. Each can hold the other to their respective roles once this lease has been signed. By possessing a signed agreement a certain level of security and protection will accompany the obligations each party must fulfill.

This form may be filled out rather quickly. Most of the work has been taken care of in terms of definitions and disclosures that should accompany such an agreement. Information that must be entered will be considered unique to the property, parties, and the agreed terms of the lease. This will cover subjects such as the address of the rented property, the date range of effect for the lease, and the deposit. Since this is a binding contract both parties are encouraged to have an attorney review the terms before signing. In the case of any disagreements or misunderstandings that end up resolved in a court of law, a housing court will place the disagreement in the context of whether the participants are in adherence to the lease.

LawsTitle 18, Subtitle 2, Chapter 16 (Landlord and Tenant)

HandbookLandlord and Tenant Rights

How to Write

Step 1. On the first line, enter the day, month, and year of the agreement. The second line will need the Landlord name entered. Enter the Landlord’s street address on the third line. The fourth line must have the name of the Tenant entered while the fifth line will have the Tenant’s street address. Finally, input the address of the rental space on the last line of this paragraph.

Step 2. Item 1, “Fixed Term Lease Agreement (Lease),” will require the time period the lease will exist for then the start date and end date the lease will be effective for. It is noted here, this lease will automatically convert to month-to-month terms should it terminate naturally.

Step 3. Item 2, “Rent,” defines the amount to be paid on a monthly basis by a certain day. Enter the rent amount and the date it is due every month respectively.

Step 4. Item 4, “Rent Payment Procedure,” binds the tenant to pay the rent according to landlord instructions. The address of where the rent should be sent (typically landlord’s address) must be entered.

Step 5. Item 5, “Rent Due Date,” will obligate the landlord to define the number of days grace period allowed for late rent payments and obligate the tenant to the late fee entered in this section. The tenant will also need to pay a late penalty per day as defined here by the dollar amount the landlord enters here.

Step 6. Item 6, “Bad-Check Servicing Charge,” will allow a Landlord to charge the tenant for a bounced check. The dollar amount of this penalty must be entered in this section.

Step 7. Item 7, “Security Deposit,” defines the amount of money a tenant must let a landlord hold for security. This section outlines the security deposit’s purpose as well as the time frame and conditions for its return.

Step 8. Item 8, “Cleaning Fee,” will bind the tenant to returning the property in a sanitary and clean condition. If not, the Landlord may charge a minimum of the amount entered in this paragraph, if he or she must hire a cleaning service.

Step 9. Item 24, “Services” section, shall obligate the Landlord to pay for certain utilities and services as entered in the first paragraph. Additionally, the tenant shall agree to pay for the utilities and services entered in the second paragraph.

Step 10. Item 30, “Disclosure of Landlord/Agent” section requires the Full Name, Address, Telephone, and Email of an agent authorized to receive tenant notices to the Landlord regarding the premises and/or agreement.

Step 11. Item 33, the “Pets” section, will hold the tenant responsible for paying an additional amount of money per month for each pet he or she will live with. The specific amount will need to be entered in this paragraph.

Step 12. Item 37, the “Full Disclosure” section will act as the verification both parties agree to this lease. This section will require the date of the agreement, the Tenant’s signature, and the Landlord’s signature.