Delaware SubLease Agreement Template

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The Delaware Sublease Agreement Template provides the documentation of the agreement between a Sub-lessor and Sub-lessee. This often entails one individual who is renting a resident property (SubLessor) who then, in turn, leases that property to a tenant (Sub-Lessee). Such an arrangement will come with quite a bit of responsibility for the Sub-Lessor. After all, just because the Sub-Lessor shall assume the responsibility of a landlord of that property, in relation to the Sub-Lessee, he/she is not released from the tenant responsibilities assumed with the property owner. That is, if the Sub-Lessee damages the property or is late with the rent, the property owner will expect the Sub-Lessor to rectify the situation. The benefit in this situation for the Sub-Lessor resides in the financial relief a good Sub-Lessee provides. For the Sub-Lesser, the benefit lies in being able to maintain a residence on a property he/she may not necessarily be qualified for otherwise.

It should be mentioned the Sub-Lease carries the same power as a residential lease regarding the property, Sub-Lessor, and Sub-Lessee. The property owner/landlord is not obligated to the Sub-Lessee as a result of this lease or by giving consent.

How to Write

Step 1 – The first paragraph must define the date and parties involved. First, enter the date of this agreement. Next, enter the full name and address of the Sub-Lessor. Finally, enter the full name of the Sub-Lessee.

Step 2 – In the paragraph labeled “Sub-Leased Premises,” write in the address of the property that shall be sublet.

Step 3 – The second item will define the time of this sub-lease as three months. Enter the start date of this sub-lease on the first set of blank spaces then enter the termination date of the sub-lease.

Step 4 – The third Item requires the monthly rent amount to be entered on the first blank line. Then enter the calendar day of the month the rent will be due on the second blank space available. On the third blank space, enter the date the first month’s rent is due.

Step 5 – In Item 6, “Security Deposit,” enter the amount of security amount the sub-lessee must submit to the Sub-lessor to be allowed into the Sub-lease.

Step 6 – The “Occupants” section requires the names of the individuals allowed to live in the sub-let property.

Step 7 – In Item 16, define whether the subletting tenant may have pets or not. If so, then check the first box and describe the pets allowed. On the second blank space, enter the fee the Sub-Lessor requires of the Sub-Lessee. If the Sub-Lessee is not allowed to have pets, then place a checkmark in the second box.

Step 8 – In Item 18, show if the Sub-Tenant will be given access to parking by placing a checkmark in the first box and reporting where the parking space is. If the Sub-Tenant will not be granted a parking spot, place a check mark in the second box.

Step 9 – In Item 22, enter the Sub-Lessor’s emergency contact information on the blank line provided. This should be a reliable method for immediate notification such as a cell phone number.

Step 10 – At the end of the document all parties that are part of this agreement should sign and print their names. There will be a space for the Primary Lessor, Sublet Tenant, and Witness.