Florida Sub-Lease Agreement Template

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The Florida Sub-Lease Agreement Template should be considered a required method for documenting a sublease agreement in this state for the safety and security of all participants. This type of contract will give one party the right to maintain a residence that another party which holds a lease with the landlord/property manager. Thus, three separate entities are involved. A sub-lessee, a sub-lessor, and a property owner.

The landlord will be responsible for upholding his/her responsibility with the sub-lessor. The sub-lessor will be obligated to the landlord in one lease and responsible as a landlord in a separate lease with the sub-lessee. Notice that technically the sub-lessee does not have an agreement with the property owner…only the sub-lessor does. The result is what one would expect from this implication if the sub-lessors lease with the property owner terminates then the sub-lessee does not have a legal right to lease the property anymore. That is, the landlord/property owner will retain the discretion to create a new lease or seek a different tenant altogether. A written agreement, however, will provide security by holding the sub-lessor responsible for upholding the obligations of a landlord in relation to the sub-lessee (current occupant).

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the following:

  • Name of the sub-lessee
  • Address of the sub-lessor
  • Name of the sub-lessor
  • Address of the sub-lessee
  • Address to be sub-leased

Step 2 – Enter the city where this property is located.

Step 3 – There will now be several choices. If this is a fixed sub-lease, check the first option then enter the start date of the lease and the end date of the lease

Step 4 – If this is a month to month sublease, check the second option, enter the start date, then define the number of days’ notice either party must give to terminate the lease

Step 5 – If this is a week-to-week sublease, check the third option, enter the start date, then enter the number of days’ notice either party must give before terminating the agreement.

Step 6 – In the second item “Utilities” enter the utility payments the sub-lessee is obligated to pay.

Step 7 – In item IV, enter the security deposit amount the sub-lessee must release for the sub-lessor to hold. Also, enter the number of days, that an explanation for retaining any portion of security must be provided to the tenant. This number of days shall be the number of days from the move-out.

Step 8 – Enter any additional agreements accompanying this contract between the sub-lessor and sub-lessee in item VIII.

Step 9 – In item XIV, enter the State which this agreement is in effect under.

Step 10 – In item XV, enter the day, month, and year of this agreement.

Step 11 – The sub-lessor must sign and print his/her name(s) on the left and the sub-lessee must sign and print his/her name on the right.

Step 12 – The party witnessing these signatures must sign and print his or her name below this.

Step 13 – If a parent or guardian is involved he or she must also sign and print his or her name.

Step 14 – The final area will be for the landlord to sign and print his or her name in acknowledgment of the sublease agreement. If the original lease is attached the landlord and sub-lessor must both initial this statement. If there is an inventory checklist the landlord and sub-lessor should provide an initial for this as well.