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Illinois (Chicago Only) Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Illinois (Chicago Only) Residential Lease Agreement Template

Updated June 13, 2022

An Illinois (Chicago Only) residential lease agreement is a rental contract to be used between a landlord and tenant within the city of Chicago. Chicago passed additional statutes to facilitate a clear and comprehensible lease contract and promote positive landlord-tenant relations. Several disclosures will be required to be presented and while there will be fewer negotiable points, the standardization of several factors that play into such an agreement seeks to gain the favor of both parties. This agreement will cover a range of topics ranging from security deposit laws to holdovers to utilities. By doing so it sets the stage for a tenancy arrangement that may be considered reliable by the verification of each party’s agreement.

LawsChapter 5-12 (Residential Landlords and Tenants)

Chicago, Illinois – Lease Disclosures