Kansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement Form

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The Kansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement Form delivers a standard twelve-month rental arrangement as a reusable contract form. This gives landlords employing this document a conveniently standard method to rent his/her property, especially if they own multiple locations. While the agreement itself is designed to cover the basic terms and conditions that are often necessary (or even mandatory) in a lease, it will also allow quite a bit of flexibility in allowing the user to enter the various negotiable terms and conditions. That is, those unique to the particular agreement.

Entries required by this agreement will concern themselves with the date of the lease, the parties involved, the property involved, rent payments, utility terms, security deposits and quite a bit more. All of the areas requiring attention should be filled in and every section of this agreement should be diligently read whether it will require an entry or not. After all, this will be a binding agreement once it is signed.

Laws – Chapter 58, Article 25

HandbookKansas Tenants Handbook (PDF)

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the day, month, and year of the agreement then, enter the property owner/property manager and the lessee (tenant) in the first paragraph in that order.

Step 2 – Enter the address of the premises in Item 1 (“Contracted Premises”). The first line is for the street address, the second one is for the city, and the third one is for the zip code.

Step 3 – Enter the date this agreement will go into effect and the date it will naturally terminate on the first and second blank lines (respectively) in the “Contract” paragraph.

Step 4 – Enter the monthly rent amount on the first blank line in the “Rent” section. Then, on the second blank line, enter the address where the rent payment must be submitted.

Step 5 – Enter the security deposit amount the tenant must submit to the landlord to hold on behalf the tenant (as insurance against property damage/costly lease violations) on the blank line in the fourth item (“Security Deposit”).

Step 6 – Enter the account number for each utility the tenant has acquired an account with (mandatory for the lease) in the “Utilities & Maintenance” section.

Step 7 – At the bottom of the page, enter the Date of the agreement then each party must sign and print his/her name. Only parties signing this contract will benefit from it and be responsible for the conditions contained within it.