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Kansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Kansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Updated October 04, 2023

A Kansas standard residential lease agreement is a fixed-term arrangement between a landlord and tenant for the use of property in exchange for rent. This is the most popular type of residential lease usually lasting for a 1-year term. Before signing, the parties will usually negotiate the terms of the lease and the landlord will verify the tenant’s credentials through a rental application.

Laws – Chapter 58, Article 25

HandbookKansas Tenants Handbook (PDF)


Inventory and Condition of the Premises (§ 58-2548) – The landlord must deliver an inventory of the current condition of the premises within the five (5) days of tenancy.

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Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Required to be attached to a lease and completed by the landlord if the premises were built prior to 1978.

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