Massachusetts Sublease Agreement Template

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Updated June 03, 2022

A Massachusetts sublease agreement allows parties to document document a basic sublet living arrangement among people who will reside on the same property. The contract terms, conditions, and disclosures must be in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Part II – Real and Personal Property and Domestic Relations. The sublease shall also not outreach the scope of the master lease between the current tenant (sub-lessor) and the property manager. Generally speaking, the sublease’s parameters and limits will be dictated primarily by the master lease. The sublease’s duration, for instance, must not exceed that of the master lease since the sub-lessee and property manager are not technically bound in contract. That is not to impede on the efficacy of a formal sublet rental contract. A sublease enables the sub-lessor to act as a landlord in relation to the sub-lessee, thus creating an organized tenancy structure.

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