Massachusetts Sublease Agreement Template

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The Massachusetts Sublease Agreement Template presents the ability to quickly document a basic Sub-Lease in a relatively short amount of time. Most of the sections in this document terms, conditions, and disclosures that must be present both as being standard accordance with Massachusetts General Law Part II – Real and Personal Property and Domestic Relations. These are unfixable and should remain unchanged however some sections will require information to be entered in order to attach the lease to the parties involved with this contract and the property being leased. While this is a standard lease contract some terms will be specific to this type of lease.

A Residential Sub-Lease is essentially a contract that is used by a tenant who shall become a landlord by renting a property they control as the result of a master lease. This individual is deemed the Sub-Lessor while his/her Tenant is a Sub-Lessee.  Generally speaking, the Sub-Lease’s parameters and limits will be defined by the master lease the Sub-Lessor holds with the landlord/property owner.  The obvious reason for this is that a Sub-Lessor simply does not have the right to overstep his/her boundaries under the master lease. For instance, the landlord is not truly obligated to let the Sub-Lessee reside in the property once the contract held with the Sub-Lessor terminates. Thus, when filling out and reviewing this Sub-lease, make sure to have a copy of the Master lease for reference.

How To Write

Step 1 – In Item 1 (SubLessor), enter the full name of the Tenant holding the master lease and will assume the position of Landlord (in this lease) in relation to the Sub-Lessee.

Step 2 – In Item 2 (SubTenant), enter the full name of the individual who will be renting and taking control of the property in the eyes of this Sub-Lease. This will be the entity paying rent to live there.

Step 3 – In Item 3 (Premises), enter the Address of the property being leased.

Step 4 – In Item 4 (Term), enter the years and months this lease shall stand in effect on the first blank space. Then on the following blank spaces, enter the start date of the lease and the end date of the lease.

Step 5 – In Item 5 (Rent Payments), enter the monthly rent amount on the first space. On the second space enter the calendar day of the month the rent payment is due. Next on the third space provided enter the name of the party receiving this payment. Finally enter the address where this payment should be brought to or mailed to on the last blank space of the paragraph.

Step 6 – In Item 6 (Agreement Termination), enter the day this lease shall terminate with no chance of hold over regardless of circumstance.

Step 7 – In Item 9 (Deposit), enter the security deposit amount the Tenant must submit to the Landlord to be allowed to enter this lease. Note, as with any deposit, the Sub-Lessor must return this deposit or explain any missing money within thirty days of the termination. Enter this same amount on the second blank line in this paragraph as well.

Step 8 – In Item 12 (Other Terms and Conditions), report any additional provisions to this lease that both Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee have agreed should be a part of the rental arrangement they are entering. This document must be all inclusive to what was agreed to in order for the full rental arrangement to fall under its power. If there are no additional provisions, leave this section blank or write the word “None” and proceed to the next Item requiring attention.

Step 9 – Below Item 18 (Landlord Approval), locate the statement beginning with “The parties hereby bind themselves” and enter the date of the lease in the spaces provided.

Step 10 – Next will be an opportunity for all Sub-Lessors and Sub-Tenants to sign their names and provide their printed names. Each signature or printed name will have its own section (Printed Name of SubLessor(s), Signature of Sublessor(s), Printed Name of Subtenant(s), and signature of Subtenant(s)). Each party participating in this lease will need to fill their part of this area out.

Step 11 – Below the binding signature area will be a space for the Landlord or Landlord Agent of the main lease and property to sign and print his/her name as consent to this contract. This does not obligate this entity to the Subtenant in any way.

Step 12 – Provide a check mark in space labeled “Yes” or the space labeled “No” to indicate if an Original Lease is attached and if an Inventory Check is attached on the last two lines of this document.