Michigan SubLease Agreement Template

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The Michigan Sublease Agreement Template provides the backbone for a Sub-let contract between a Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee. This is an ideal contract for those who are not professional landlords, need to sub-let, and wish to be in compliance with the basic laws governing lease agreements in the State of Michigan. Generally speaking, it is not uncommon for a Sub-Lessor to only be a landlord in terms of this agreement as they do not own the property being rented but rather are in a lease with the owner of the property being rented. However, for all due purposes the Sub-Lessor will be the landlord of the property in the eyes of the Sub-Lessor. So if there is a problem with the property the Sub-Tenant may look to the Sub-Lessor for a solution. It is fair to mention that a Sub-Lessor will also retain the role of Tenant in regards to the property owner. That is, it is the Sub-Lessor the property owner will seek proper and timely payment of the rent.

This Sub-Lease does not bind the property owner to the Sub-Tenant and vice versa. It is exclusive to the Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee and will be limited by the master lease held for the property.

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first line, enter the name of the Sub-Lessor then on the second line enter the name of the Sub-Lessee

Step 2 – In the second paragraph, report the address of the premises being leased.

Step 3 – In Item 1, enter the total number of years and/or months this lease will effect its power on the signature parties in the first blank space. On the second blank space enter the start date of the lease. On the third blank space, enter the termination date of the lease.

Step 4 – In Item 2, report the rent amount the Sub-lessee must pay each month on the first blank space available. Then on the second blank space, report where the rent payment must be submitted.

Step 5 – In the item labeled “Master Lease,” the Sub-Lessee must initial the blank space.

Step 6 – In the Item labeled “Security Deposit,” enter the dollar amount for the security deposit the Sub-Lessor will require the Sub-Lessee to submit for the duration of the sub-let arrangement.

Step 7 – In Item 6, enter the percentage of each utility and/or service the Sub-Lessee will pay during the sub-let in the blank space next to each one listed.  The utility and services listed will be water, gas, electric, and cable.

Step 8 – Item 12 will give the opportunity to list additional terms and conditions the Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee wish to be part of this lease.

Step 9 – At the end of this contract, the Sublessor, Sublessee, and Landlord will need to sign their names and provide a date for the signature.