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Michigan Sublease Agreement Template

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Michigan Sublease Agreement Template

Updated February 13, 2024

A Michigan sublease agreement provides the legal backbone for a tenant to sublet a portion or all of their residence. While acting as the sub-lessee’s landlord, the tenant remains subject to their lease obligations with the owner of the property. The original landlord must provide express written consent to approve of the sublet.

Right to Sublet

In Michigan, tenants do not have the right to sublet their property by default. Whether or not a tenant can sublet depends on the terms of the lease. If subletting is not mentioned in the lease, landlords can grant written permission using a Landlord Consent Form.

Short-Term Tax

Rooms rented to a single tenant for a period of at least 30 days are not subject to the Michigan use tax.[1]

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  1. Mich. Admin. Code R. 205.88 Rule 38(2)(a)