Missouri SubLease Agreement Form

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The Missouri SubLease Agreement Form is a lease agreement between a Tenant holding a Master Lease and third party (Sub)Tenant who will sublet the property the Tenant holds. The Tenant holding an agreement with the Property Owner may be known as a Sub-Lessor in this agreement, while the third party (Sub)Tenant may also be known as a Sub-Lessee. The agreement held between a Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee will be known as a Sub-Lease.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the full name of the Sub-Lessor, the Address of the Sub-lessor, the Full name of the Sub-Lessee, and the address of the Sub-Lessee in the first paragraph of this contract form.  Then in the second paragraph enter the Address of the property and the City the property is located in. This will serve to identify the parties and assign them roles then tie these individuals to the property being leased.

Step 2 – Next define the type of lease this is the first item. If this is a Fixed Sublease, then mark the first checkbox then enter the date range this period is in effect. If this is a Month-to-Month Sub-lease, place a check mark in the second box then enter the start date for the agreement and the number of days’ notice necessary to terminate the lease. If this is a Week-to-Week Sublease, then check the third box. Here, too, you must enter the start date of the agreement as well as the number of days’ notice necessary to terminate the lease.

Step 3 – In the Utilities item, list all the utilities and services a Sub-lessee is not responsible to provide for the leased property.

Step 4 – In Item IV, enter the security amount the Sub-Lessor will require of the Sub-Lessee. Then enter the number of days past the move-out where the Sub-Tenant may expect an explanation for any missing security deposit.

Step 5 – In Item VIII, list any terms and conditions the Sub-Lessor and Sub-Lessee have agreed to be a part of this lease on the blank lines provided.

Step 6 – In Item XIII indicate if the sublease requires landlord approval by marking the first box. If Landlord consent is not necessary for the binding effect of this lease, place a mark in the second box.

Step 7 – Item XV will require the date of this agreement to be documented. Then on the left, the Sub-Lessor must sign his/her name and print his/her name. There will be two spaces below this for a witness to do the same. On the right, the Sub-Lessee must also sign and print his/her name. Below this will be two spaces for a witness to do the same. Below this area will be a for a Parent/Guardian to sign and print his/her name if the Sub-Lessee is under 18.

Step 8 – The bottom of the document will be where both parties may show verification that the original lease has been attached and that an inventory checklist has been attached. Initial the statements that are true.