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Montana Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

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Montana Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Updated August 07, 2023

A Montana month-to-month rental agreement is a lease between a landlord and tenant for the renting of property without an end date. The only way to terminate or change the lease is to provide notice of at least thirty (30) days or the notice period in the agreement, whichever is longer. The landlord or tenant can send a notice through the mail, recommended to be certified mail with return receipt, and once delivered will be the start of the notice period. It is recommended the landlord verify the tenant prior to signing a lease by electing to have them complete a rental application and verify their information by running a credit report.

Minimum Termination Period – 30 days

Laws – § 70-24-441


Lease Termination Letter – To cancel a month-to-month lease by providing thirty (30) day notice to either the landlord or tenant.

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