North Dakota Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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The North Dakota commercial lease agreement is a legal document that will guide a user through the process of setting forth the terms and conditions of a commercial lease, an agreement between the lessor and lessee of a commercial rental property. Commercial leases are generally two (2) years in length. Often times it is a much better choice to lease a commercial property as opposed to purchasing a property, inasmuch as the purchase of commercial property is often prohibitively expensive for many business owners, especially a fledgling business that is just beginning. Rentals will allow the business owner to maintain more of their profits for reinvestment and payment of monthly expenditures, required insurance and other expenses.

The lessor would complete all of the required fields contained within the form. Once completed, the document would then be placed before the tenant(s) for their careful review. Should the tenant(s) find that they are in agreement with the terms outlined by the lessor, the parties will sign the agreement in the presence and acknowledgment of a notary public so that it may become effective. Upon the approach of the expiration of the document, the lessee(s) may be offered the option to renew their lease. This document will require the witness and acknowledgment of a notary public. All signatories must be present with identification.